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We offer....FULL GROOMING: Bathing, Blow drying , Brushing, Light Detangling-Dematting, Clipping/Cut, Pad shaving, Ear cleaning, Nail clipping, Gland care, Bows & bandanas, nail painting, teeth brushing.

We use safe products and equipment, maintain a safe environment and combine it all with lots of TLC!


FULL GROOMING ........nails,hair pulled from ears,bath,grooming depends on condition and style the owner wants........prices vary

FLEA TREATMENTS     $10.00 with grooming
MEDICATED BATH        $10.00 with grooming
TOENAILS CLIPPED $8 (walk ins accepted)


MATTED PETS       $10.00 AND UP
FURMINATING..DE-SHEDDING....$11.00 with grooming
TEETH MAINTENNCE..............$7.00

HOT OIL TREATMENT..............$10.00

Call for an appointment: 304-487-5800

Winter is here!

Get ready for the winter months and make preparations
for your pet. We have toys and items to prepare
you and your pet for playing inside and taking trips.
We also have grooming products that are
safe and effective for you and your pet.



Did you know that some common
foods and household products can be
toxic to your dog or cat? Some are:

- avocado (can be lethal - guacamole too)
- broccoli (can cause upset stomach in large quatities)
- chocolate (the darker the more toxic)
- grapes/raisins (just 6 grapes CAN kill a dog)
- raw eggs (Avidin in it can cause major deformations)
- fatty foods (can trigger pancreatitis in prone dogs)
- liver (can cause vitamin A toxicity)
- mistletoe (in larger amounts, generally)
- nuts (can cause bladder stones, and many other debilitating conditions)
- green potatoes (contain solanum alkoids that can be dangerous)

Download a complete list here.